Rainbow Magic

This bracelet is a combination of Tiger Eye and Rainbow Obsidian. 

Tiger Eye supports physical vitality and energises the body to accomplish the imperatives of the will. It can lend one the strength to overcome fatigue or discouragement in times of hard effort or difficulties.

Rainbow Obsidian helps cleanse and align all chakras as well as being a powerful emotional protector. It creates a bridge of light into the dark and painful places of mind, body and emotions, allowing one to heal them.

Gemstones: Tiger Eye 8mm, Rainbow Obsidian 8mm
Brass metal silver bead
Stainless steel disc spacer bead
On stretch cord


Length: for men approximately 21 centimeters, for women approximately 18 centimeters (one size fits most)
Sizing: If you would like your bracelet to be larger or smaller than our standard size, simply let us know your preferred length in the comment box during check-out.